Richmond Hill, Georgia: A Southern City with a Unique History

Richmond Hill has a rich and diverse history. Richmond Hill is the county seat of Richmond County, Georgia, but Richmond Hill was not always in Richmond County. Richmond Hill had its start as a small farming community and it eventually grew into one of the most important cities in Georgia. The city’s motto? “A City with A Unique History.” Learn information about Savannah, GA.  

Richmond Hill, GA is a small city in the south with a unique history. Richmond Hill was originally established as Richmond Plantation and later changed to Richmond Hill when it merged with an adjacent plantation known as Lloyd Place Farms. Richmond Hill is part of what is referred to as Metro Atlanta, which contains some of the biggest cities in Georgia such as Atlanta and Roswell. The population has grown from 3,000 people at its founding in 1791 to over 16,000 residents today. Discover facts about Port Wentworth, GA: A Riverfront Community with Southern Charm in the South.

Richmond Hill, GA is a smallish city with a rich history. Richmond Hill’s proximity to Atlanta makes it an interesting choice for people who want culture without the hustle and bustle of the big city. Richmond Hill has plenty of old southern charm with historic homes dotting the landscape. Richmond Hill also boasts some beautiful natural attractions like Lake Oliver (named after the one-time mayor, Oliver) which offers fishing opportunities as well as boating and canoeing. If you are looking for outdoor recreation or just somewhere more pastoral then Richmond Hill may be your home sweet home!

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