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Are you looking for residential asphalt driveway contractors to install a new driveway or repair and restore your existing surface? East Georgia Asphalt Paving is a local residential asphalt paving contractor that Savannah residents can depend on. We offer a wide variety of services such as installing, repairing, and sealing driveways.

Homeowners may only decide to pave their driveway many years after it was first installed. Our expert team can evaluate your existing pavement and let you know if it’s due for a resurfacing.

Driveway Paving, Repair And Maintenance Contractors

As asphalt paving contractors in East Georgia, we have installed thousands of custom parking lots and residential asphalt and gravel driveways for our neighbors throughout the Savannah, GA area.

We specialize in asphalt pavement, but we also offer tar & chip, gravel, and crushed millings for your all your driveway needs. We are ready to help you with your paving project at any time!

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Local Asphalt Driveway Contractors

East Georgia Asphalt Paving is a local driveway contractor that Savannah residents can count on to provide quality workmanship at competitive prices. We are your go-to asphalt paving contractors.

We are confident that we have the experience and know-how to handle any driveway construction you need – whether you need a small patch or a long driveway expertly repaved. Whether you live in the country with a winding driveway, or in a large home with multiple garages, we are well-equipped to install an amazing driveway for your needs.

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We know you’ll love our expert workmanship and quality materials. Our prices are competitive with other contractors but the end result is superior to those of our competitors.

Services We Offer:

We offer a wide array of asphalt services in Savannah GA to ensure your driveway is installed with excellence and receives proper maintenance throughout its life:


  • New Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Resurfacing/Overlay
  • Driveway Repair
  • Driveway Sealing
  • … and more!


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The Residential Asphalt Paving Process in 5 Steps

Our paving professionals pay careful attention to each step to make sure that our customers are 100% satisified with the final product.

Planning the Project

The planning step of driveway paving is an often overlooked step but one that sets up a project for success.

A driveway receiving an overlay must be assessed to determine if the old materials will stand up to the resurfacing.  Pavement that currently experiences drainage issues may require work both before and during paving to resolve these problems.

The process of paving a driveway or parking lot is a big task for any homeowner, but our team is here to make it as painless as possible. 

Excavation and Preparation

Residents who want to pave their driveways with asphalt may need to remove the current surface – old concrete or existing asphalt. Our contractors will also make sure there is a stable base underneath the driveway that will hold up to the new paving.

Correctly grading and draining is one of the most important aspects of laying a long-lasting asphalt surface. Pooling water can infiltrate your pavement and cause erosion. Our crew will ensure your driveway is properly graded to avoid these issues.

Laying a Sub Base

The base for the asphalt must provide a solid foundation to withstand extreme weather, wear & tear, and heavy usage. To prevent channeling on your new driveway, the sub base will be made of a material that will help spread the load evenly. Sometimes, broken up patches from your old asphalt can be used to support overlying sections.

We may also do an additional test called a ‘proof roll’ to see how well the sub base is working and what areas need to be fixed.

Pouring the Asphalt

Asphalt is a mixture of tar and sandstone that is heated in order for it to be pliable enough to work with.

The contractor will lay down the hot mix asphalt and then level and compact it to create the finished, smooth surface.

Final Hardening

The surface is usually hard enough to walk on in about a day, but it may take weeks for it to fully harden & cure. Our contractors will advise you of what to be cautious of to avoid divots and scuffs.


Residential Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing, or asphalt overlay, is a cost-effective way to restore your pavement to the condition it once was. Resurfacing is best for driveways with sturdy sub-layers and little-to-no fatigue cracking.

Existing pavement must be thoroughly cleaned and free of debris for the resurfacing process. Then fresh asphalt or tar & chip is poured and a drum roller compacts the layers.

The Process:

  1. The top layer of existing asphalt is ground down.
  2. A new layer of asphalt (usually 1.5″ – 2″ thick) is installed right on top.

Below are the different types of asphalt that can be utilized for your new asphalt driveway.

Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt pavement is great for the environment because it helps direct storm water into the water table instead of putting it to waste through traditional sewer systems

Regular Asphalt

Regular asphalt may not be able to be poured during cool winter months, but it is a fantastic durable option that is easier to repair than concrete and can also be resurfaced

Warm-mix Asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt has the benefits of being able to be poured even when outdoor temperatures drop and it consumes less energy because it is not heated to such a high temp as regular asphalt

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