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When you need an asphalt paving cost for your next paving project in Savannah, Georgia, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to give you an accurate overall cost with competitive pricing.

East Georgia Asphalt Paving contractors have the experience to ensure your project stays on budget, looks better and lasts longer. Get a free asphalt driveway paving cost for your residential driveways or asphalt cost for your commercial parking lots. You’ll know you are getting an accurate assessment to lay asphalt on whatever project you have in Savannah GA.

Check out some of the services our local pros offer:

  • Gravel Driveway
  • Crushed Stone Driveway
  • Old Asphalt Repair
  • Asphalt Sealant
  • Asphalt Replacement
  • Chip Seal

Tell us about your existing surface, your paving needs, and we’ll give you a project cost to pave it. We take materials, labor costs and additional factors into consideration to provide you with the most accurate quote for the best solution.

Services We Offer

We offer installation, resurfacing and repair. If you have potholes, deep cracks, and extensive damage in your existing asphalt parking lot, reach out for a free estimate today!

Reach out to our asphalt contractor today to get a quote on asphalt installation at your business. Get the best hot mix asphalt, proper drainage, and solid gravel base to prevent cracks so you can save money on future repairs.

Residential Asphalt Driveway Costs

When you need a new asphalt driveway, reach out to our experienced team! We have been paving asphalt driveways in Georgia for years and can give you accurate driveway paving costs. You can know your new paved driveway is in good hands with our professional driveway pavers.

Asphalt Driveway Replacement

If your existing driveway is looking worn, the asphalt has cracks, and you need asphalt driveway replacement, give us a call! We can restore your blacktop driveway to be a smooth, safe surface once again. Call us for an accurate asphalt driveway cost estimate.

Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your asphalt pavement in great shape and making the most of your investment. We provide cost effective crackfilling, sealcoating, patching, and all other repairs and maintenance and your paved surfaces may require.

Gravel Driveways & More

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, we also offer other driveway materials that are a budget friendly option per square foot. We are experienced in installing gravel driveways in Georgia, and also offer crushed millings and tar & chip.

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Our service professionals are ready to provide a comprehensive detailed estimate for paving driveways or commercial asphalt on your property. Speak with a skilled asphalt contractor and find out how much it is to get a smooth surface installed! 

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