Forsyth Park in Savannah Georgia: The First Stop When Visiting the City

The Forsyth Park in Savannah Georgia is one of the most popular and well-known parks in all of America. It is a national historic landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Forsyth Park was originally designed as a public square for Savannah residents to gather and enjoy themselves. Today it remains an important green space, perfect for relaxing or playing with kids. Learn more here.

Forsyth Park is connected to many other attractions, such as the Savannah Riverfront Market, Forsyth Monument, and The Mercer House. Forsyth Park also offers several scenic looks at beautiful buildings in Savannah Georgia. These include Bonaventure Cemetery, Drayton Hall Plantation, Owens-Thomas House Museum, and Old Fort Jackson. Learn more about Savannah Bike Tours: Explore Savannah Like Never Before.

We hope that Forsyth park will be the very first stop when visiting this great city! Come join us for some family fun or just looking around while you enjoy your stay in one of America’s most historic cities.

If you are in Forsyth Park, Savannah Georgia, and looking for an amazing family experience – head over to the Forsyth Park Carousel. This carousel is one of only four antique wooden merry-go-rounds still in operation today! You can also take a spin on this classic ride with your kids or grandkids. Each animal has its unique music that plays as it goes around and around – making everyone’s day just a little bit better. If you have ever been too scared to get up there before, well now is your chance! We know how hard it can be when coming here alone with kids so we will help make sure that they all go together.