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Our team at East Georgia Asphalt Paving is skilled in a variety of paving services, including paving driveways, roads, parking lots and more. We can handle any paving project and get it done right the first time. 

If you’re in need of a paving contractor, East Georgia Asphalt Paving has some great options for you to choose from. And you’ll find that there are many benefits to choosing a local business over an out-of-town company when it comes time to asphalt work. We, locals, know the area better so we can offer more competitive pricing as well as timely service. 

  • Expert paving company with years of experience
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  • Smooth integration with existing pavement
  • Solid gravel base and fully insured workmanship
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Professional Asphalt Paving in Savannah, Georgia

Paving contractors in Savannah, GA offer a variety of different services to suit your needs. At East Georgia Asphalt Paving, we can take care of all your residential and commercial paving needs with quality service from our crew of experts. Our paving professionals can meet all of your paving needs with our top-of-the-line paving services. We offer residential and commercial paving options for all customers in the Savannah area.

Our paving contractors have the experience and expertise to provide paving services that you can rely on. We also provide paving solutions for any budget, so if you do not have a lot of budget to spend, we’ll still be able to help. We’re reliable and hard-working paving professionals who are here to help you with any paving job.

We offer free estimates and an upfront price on all paving work. All you need is a phone call!

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Our team is always at your service with one of our agents to assist you at any time of the day. As an expert asphalt paving contractor, we are always on call to keep your asphalt surface looking its best.


Free Estimates

Feel free to inquire about any paving service for your property. We offer free estimates to help you plan and manage the costs of your paving project. Best of all, we offer no hassle, no obligation guarantee.

Asphalt Paving Services

As your trusted paving contractor, we offer a variety of services, in residential and commercial asphalt paving. Should you have a need that isn’t listed, let us know!

Your Hometown East Georgia Asphalt Paving Experts

You can count on your local asphalt paving experts to keep the roads and your property in shape because we take our commitment to quality, safety, and service seriously. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured asphalt paving contractors who have years of installing and repairing asphalt paving for homeowners, commercial property owners, and industrial property owners in the Savannah area. Once we begin work, we’ll be with you through every step of the way. We will make sure to keep you informed about each process and update you as we move through the paving project.

Asphalt Paving Services We Provide

East Georgia Asphalt Paving is one of the most popular paving service providers in Savannah, GA. With a seasoned asphalt paving contractor like us, you get a professional-looking surface that will withstand any weather conditions and remain durable for years to come. Best of all, no job is too small or too big for us! Check out our list of paving services:

Parking Lot Installation


We are your local parking lot paving experts delivering quality gravel as the foundation for a well-drained parking lot surface. 

Commercial Asphalt


Repair and patch your existing parking lot space or transition from your old pavement to a newly paved asphalt parking lot with East Georgia Asphalt Paving. 

Asphalt Repairs


Our asphalt paving and patching services are designed to meet the needs of residential clients. Call us for offer free estimates. 

Asphalt Sealcoating


Sealcoating preserves your asphalt paving by protecting your surface from chemicals like gasoline, oil, salt, water, and UV rays while  also enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Residential Asphalt Paving


We offer a multitude of designs and services to ensure the delivery of asphalt driveways with longevity and appearance in mind. 

Tar And Chip Driveway


For a more affordable alternative to asphalt, we offer tar and chip resurfacing services. Tar and chip makes use of compressed layers of gravel, bitumen, and stone – perfect for roadways and driveways.

What Our Customers Say

Read a few of our clients’ reviews about East Georgia asphalt paving. Our customers are what makes us strive to be the very best asphalt paving contractors in East Georgia.

“It was a great experience working with East Georgia Asphalt Paving. They were prompt, communicative, and got the job done quickly!”

Derek Gordon

Parking Lot Paving

“East Georgia Asphalt Paving has been remarkably professional and our project was completed on-time. Their team has demonstrated a true willingness to outperform. I highly recommend them!“

Megan Grey

Asphalt Repair

“We are so grateful for your outstanding service–especially on such short notice! Your crews executed a big project with excellence despite the bad weather. Fantastic company!”

Maxwell Moore

Parking Lot Repair

“We are so thankful for the excellent service! Your contractors are so professional that I can trust them even I am not around to watch them. The best company!”

Maxine Young

Asphalt Sealcoating

“East Georgia Asphalt Paving is a great company! They offer a free paving estimates and their services are great! We are grateful for their excellent service!”


Kayla Miller

Tar and Chip Paving

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